It started with your investment. Soon solar projects were built. Last year we started generating power. Today we have the our first revenue from solar projects!

Thank you to our members and investors for your support. We are making a positive impact on Ontario’s energy industry, and realizing our vision of delivering superior returns through partnerships in renewable energy generation. 

The Community Energy Development Co-operative’s solar projects generate electricity from solar power and feed that electricity back into the Ontario Hydro grid. This way everyone can benefit from clean, green energy. In return, local Hydro companies pay the CED Co-op for the electricity we generate. In many cases the solar projects have been set up as joint ventures with forward-thinking local businesses who share the revenue that comes from electricity generation.

The CED Co-op uses the profits to deliver a return on investments, and pay a dividend on shares, at the board’s discretion.

Learn more about becoming a CED Co-op member or investing in the CED Co-op.


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