Yes! Members and their friends ask us this question all the time. There is no better time to join CED Co-op and become a Community Energy Development Co-operative (CED Co-op) member.

Our last offering statement was a resounding success. We raised over $9.6 million to build renewable energy projects in Ontario. Now that these projects are generating revenue for our investors, CED Co-op is looking to the future – What is the next opportunity to make an impact in the energy industry? Where should we focus our efforts? CED Co-op members have a voice in guiding the organization, and will be the first to know about new investments.

Why Join?

Every member has their own reasons for joining Community Energy Development Co-operative (and we are sharing some of these in our “Member Profiles” section). The four we hear most often are:

Investment Benefits

Social Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Co-operational Benefits

Who Can Join?

Any person who lives in Ontario and is 16 years of age or older may join CED Co-op. A membership share costs $10, and each member is entitled to an equal voice and vote in the organization.

In order to invest in CED Co-op, individuals must be 18 years of age or older.

How Do I Join?

Joining CED Co-op is easy – fill out our membership form and purchase your $10 membership share. The Board of Directors will meet to review and approve applications. When your membership is officially granted your membership certificate will be sent to you.


Do you have unanswered questions about joining Community Energy Development Co-operative? Can we help you fill out the membership form? Email us or call 1-855-274-6890

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