Schiedel View Farms is a turkey farm outside of New Hamburg with a new 250kW solar system built in partnership with the farm. It’s a perfect site for solar – the barns have sloped metal roofs which makes installation easy, and they face south so they can take advantage of as much sunlight as possible.

Rooftop solar systems are an excellent way to integrate renewable energy into your existing property. The panels fit seamlessly with your roof for a clean appearance, and there is no need to find extra land as there is with a ground mounted system. It can be tough to install solar on a small, shaded, or poorly aligned rooftop, which is what makes the Schiedel View Farms barns perfect candidates – they have lots of space, are clear from shading, and face the ideal direction.

The solar system at Schiedel View Farms was built under a partnership model. Community Energy Development Co-operative owns 51% of the project, and Schiedel View Farms owns the remaining 49%. With this model revenue is split by the two partners, generating both financial returns for our members, and added income for the farm. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone.

Since it started generating electricity in November, Schiedel View Farms has produced over 74MWh. This year’s sunny March was off the charts with over 26MWh produced that month alone! All together, that’s enough energy to drive from New York to San Francisco – 56 times!

By producing this clean, green energy we have saved 29,390kg of CO2 emissions, lightening our load on the planet as we generate returns for our investors. With Schiedel View Farms CED Co-op has a green energy partnership generating profits.

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