Seven Co-operative Principles and what they mean for CED Co-op members

Community Energy Development Co-operative delivers professional investment returns by supporting renewable energy. We partner with local businesses to install solar projects with contracts to generate electricity for 20 years. This benefits Ontario, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, businesses, who see profits from the system and gain competitive advantage by being “green”, and our members, whose investments deliver strong returns.

But why “members?” If CED Co-op is investing why can’t I just contribute money as I would in a mutual fund? Why does CED Co-op have “members”, and what does “membership” mean?

The key is that, as a co-op, we believe in more than just dollars and cents. We believe in community coming together to achieve economic and social goals. It isn’t just about the technology and the money, it’s about people making a difference and having a vote in the collective action we take.

As a co-operative, CED Co-op is guided by seven principles that help us put our values into practice.

Seven Co-operative Principles

Voluntary and Open Membership

Anyone 16 years of age and older can join CED Co-op and support the development of clean, green, energy in Ontario.

Democratic Member Control

One member. One share. One vote. It’s as easy as that. Our co-op is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by our membership, who make decisions on behalf of the co-operative.

Member Economic Participation

Each member contributes equally to the co-operative by purchasing a $10 lifetime membership share (this is separate from any investing a member may do).

Autonomy and Independence

Co-operatives are self-help organizations, controlled by their members. We engage in joint ventures with partners, and pursue contracts for electricity generation, but always on terms that ensure continued autonomy and democratic control.

Education, Training, and Information

Co-operatives inform their members, employees, and the public about the co-operative movement, and help them contribute to the organization. CED Co-op is always looking for ways to promote the co-op difference (like writing a co-op focused blog post, for example…).

Co-operation among Co-operatives

Did you know that CED Co-op President Brian Unrau is on the board of the Federation of Community Power Co-operatives? Or that investors in CED Co-op hold their RRSPs with the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation? Those are just two ways that our co-op is committed to working with others to strengthen the co-operative movement.

Concern for Community

Sustainable development of the community is at the forefront of what we do. As an energy co-operative we pursue clean, green energy for the province, providing power while protecting the planet for generations to come.

Learn More

For more information about co-operatives and the seven principles, visit the International Co-operative Alliance website.

Are you ready to join the co-operative movement? Join CED Co-op.

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