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“What kind of planet are we leaving for our children? Shouldn’t we make it a better place?”

It’s a rhetorical question from Ingo Wolfert, a question he helps answer every day as President at hb Solar Canada, and as a member and investor in Community Energy Development Co-operative. hb Solar manufactures rooftop mounting systems for solar panels. Their products are used in systems like those owned by CED Co-op. Ingo says they take extra effort to keep costs down while preserving quality. This way more people can afford to install solar systems, and their systems last longer.

“’What is it going to do to my roof?’ is the number one question people have” explains Ingo. “We answer that question with a quality product.”

Ingo and hb Solar had worked with Vigor Clean Tech for many years when Brian Unrau, Vigor’s Vice President of Finance, introduced them to the newly created Community Energy Development Co-operative.

“It was intriguing,” says Ingo, “and nice to know that they were getting involved in solar in a new way.” The CED Co-op makes renewable energy more accessible, and allows more people to participate. As a supplier Ingo’s decision to get involved in CED Co-op was easy – it allows him to participate on both sides of the business, and help more people learn about the benefits of clean energy. As Ingo adds, “It’s also philosophical. I think we all need to be more in tune with how the energy market is changing. It’s important that more people know what the challenges are, and what the solutions can look like.”

Ingo has a unique perspective on the co-op model and what it means to the energy industry based on his experiences in Germany. He says that in Germany the clean energy shift was a mass movement. It was enabled by banks who would support projects based on the merit of the contract, not the applicant’s finances.

“In Ontario’s energy industry it seems that deeper pockets are favoured. This means that individuals need to join together in groups like CED Co-op to find support, get investment, and make an impact. The added bonus is that you get people involved who otherwise wouldn’t have the foresight or the balance sheet to take on a renewable energy project.”

Ingo supports community coming together to invest in renewable energy. “I believe the co-op model is the strongest argument for the way the energy industry should be organized,” he proclaims.

We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you to Ingo Wolfert for sharing the impact a group like-minded investors can make.

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