Art and Susan Bast believe in the importance of treating people and our planet with respect. They want to care for the Earth, not subdue it and leave it in worse condition for the next generation. That’s why an invitation to a meeting in Lively about a new renewable energy co-operative sparked their interest.

It was at this first meeting that Art met Jerry Enns. He also learned about the work Community Energy Development Co-operative was doing in Ontario. CED Co-op was looking for members near Sudbury. They needed support for a series of solar power projects, including three large systems in the town of Blind River.

“I didn’t need to be roped in,” remembers Art, “I have been interested in renewable energy for quite some time.”

Art and Susan joined CED Co-op following the meeting. “$10 to show your support wasn’t a big commitment,” says Susan, “and as time went by it became evident that it was a good idea, and the people running CED Co-op knew what they were doing.”

That’s why, when the opportunity arose to invest, Art and Susan decided to move investments from other RRSPs into CED Co-op, benefitting from the sound rate of return and knowledge that their investments were now doing good for the planet.

As Art and Susan explain, “We are always looking for funds that are helping the Earth, as opposed to those that misuse people and misuse our land. The fact that you have a 20-year contract for purchase of what you’re producing makes it attractive, but the most important thing is having confidence in the people who are investing your money. Everyone needs to provide for themselves and their own retirement, but we also have a responsibility to stop using fossil fuels and take care of our environment.”

Art and Susan’s aren’t young investors – through a lifetime of investing they have built up RRSP investments, but are now rethinking what they want to be invested in. A large part of their strategy is moving current investments to funds where they will do more good for people and for the planet, while still earning a strong rate of return. “That’s why CED Co-op is so attractive – we believe in what the co-op is doing, believe in the strong rate of return, and trust the people behind it.”

Recently, Art joined the board, lending his experience and perspective to discussions. It has given him new insight and trust in CED Co-op.

“The people and the board, as I’ve come to know, are pretty accomplished, responsible, and ethical. It gives me confidence in what the co-op is doing, and confidence to put our money where it is.”

Thank you to Art and Susan Bast for sharing their decision to join and invest in Community Energy Development Co-operative. We admire your belief that you can find ways to help the Earth, while providing for your own retirement.

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