We are celebrating another major milestone here at CED Co-op: at the November 29th Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved the payment of our first dividend to preferred shareholders.

All those members who were shareholders on November 30th, 2016 have been notified. If you think you were missed, please contact us.

This news comes as we close a very successful season building projects, growing our membership, and strengthening our partnerships. We built on the success of our 2015 offering statement, and are thrilled to see the interest Ontarians have in supporting renewable power generation with their investments.

A majority of our projects are complete and generating revenue as they produce clean energy. It is the intent of the Board to start paying a quarterly dividend to shareholders. A 2.25% dividend, paid four times per year would deliver the 9% return that was anticipated in the Offering Statement.

While it is the intent of the Board to pay 2.25% dividends quarterly, they must approve each dividend before it is issued. The Board may alter dividend payments at their discretion, based on the current financial situation of CED Co-op.

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  1. My wife and I have preferred shares that we bought in 2015. We are not aware of the notification of the declared dividends mentioned in the most recent newsletter. How was this notification sent: a) email b) regular hard copy mail or c) direct deposit into the bank account from which our funds came from?

    Please advise.

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