It’s an exciting time for CED Co-op members and investors. This week we launched our online Member Zone!

Your CED Co-op portfolio is always available

Our members and investors can now login at any time and view their CED Co-op investments. Just like your bank, you can view everything online. As a member, you can update your contact information so we always know how to reach you. The Member Zone is also how we will deliver quarterly statements and tax forms. This will save time, money, and lots of paper. It’s a win for you and a win for the planet!

Developing this Member Zone is all part of our mission to deliver a professional investment experience, while supporting renewable energy generation in Ontario.

What will I find in the Member Zone?

Right now your Member Zone shows two things:

  1. Your investment information, broken down by registered and non-registered investments, and investment type. You will see how much you invested, how the value is growing, and what your expected payback is.
  2. Your contact information. Please update any phone numbers, email addresses, etc. as they change so we always know the best way to get in touch with you.

We’re working on more great ways to use this resource. In the future your Member Zone may have:

  1. Tax forms
  2. Quarterly statements
  3. A method of buying and selling investments among co-op members
  4. Annual reports

If you can think of something we’re missing that you would love to access online, please let us know. We want this to be a convenient, helpful resource to keep our members engaged and informed about the impact our co-op is making, and the profits we’re generating.

Logging in

CED Co-op members and investors received their login information and a link to reset their password on February 1st. Once you have created a new, secure password you can login any time using the “Members” icon at the top left of the website.

I didn’t receive my email

If you are a CED Co-op member or investor and haven’t received your email Member Zone registration notice, please contact us. Note: only members with unique email addresses can log on. If you share an address with multiple family members, you will have received a request to provide a unique address for each person. In the mean time, statements, tax forms, etc. will be delivered as hard copies via Canada Post.


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