It sneaks up on us ever year – the RRSP contribution deadline. This year, March 1st is your last chance to make investments that count toward your 2016 RRSP contribution room. You can take advantage of this registered account to save for your retirement, and shift your tax burden (perhaps earning a nice refund?).

Invest with CED Co-op

For CED Co-op investors who already hold an RRSP through the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) this is an excellent opportunity to add to your nest egg with an investment in Bonds Series N1-5.

Not yet a CED Co-op investor, or don’t have an RRSP set up with CWCF? The fees associated with setting up an RRSP for a $1,000 investment outweigh the benefits (see our Impact of Fees chart). You’re better off holding Bonds Series N1-5 outside a registered account for now.

Invest early for peace of mind

When making a registered investment, we need to complete paperwork here at CED Co-op before forwarding information and payment to CWCF for inclusion in your registered account. This joint paperwork means a few extra days will help us meet the RRSP contribution deadline.

Contact us before February 23rd if you are planning to invest in Bonds Series N1-5 as an RRSP contribution. This will give us plenty of time to work with CWCF and complete the transaction.


As always, please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. If you have any questions about your investments, future opportunities with CED Co-op, get in touch.


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