Citizen Involvement and Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources

There is another great event happening here in Waterloo at the Centre for International Governance and Innovation. Greening the Economy is a panel discussion with Arne Jungjohann, German Renewable Energy expert. The panel of local experts includes our own President, Brian Unrau! Arne and Brian will be joined by:

This promises to be a great panel of both academic and business experts in renewable energy and the environment!

As we transition to a low carbon economy, integrating renewable energy sources into the mix will be a key component. In order to accomplish this successfully we need citizen involvement on a local, regional, and national scale. There are lessons to be learned from the global community from their experiences with this energy transition.

Arne Jungjohann authored Energy Democracy: Germany’s Energiewende to Renewables. He will bring the German perspective to the discussion, while the local renewable energy academics and entrepreneurs share our Ontario experience.

This is a free event. You can register online through CIGI.

Greening the Economy: Citizen Involvement and Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources

Thursday, May 18, 2017
CIGI Campus – Multipurpose Room A120
67 Erb Street West, Waterloo

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