We are once again open for investment in renewable energy projects!

After our initial Offering Statement raised $9.6 million, we continued to hear members and investors telling us how excited they were for more opportunities to invest. With 8 projects in the early stages of construction, and the desire to acquire more contracts where possible, we knew the time was right. Our new 2017 Offering Statement gives investors predictable returns of up to 7% while allowing them to align their investments with their values.

With dependable investments based on 20-year generation contracts and predictable energy output each year, investing in CED Co-op is an excellent solution to diversify an investment portfolio from the volatility of the stock market. CED Co-op investments also allow individuals to support renewable energy without putting solar panels on their own roof. These investments consist of tangible assets that investors can visit, monitor, and feel good about.

CED Co-op plans to raise up to $14.1 million through our newest offering. These funds will complete payments for the projects in development and under discussion for acquisition. They will also allow CED Co-op to pursue opportunities to purchase future projects.

Investment Options

The new offering has securities designed for diverse investors. We have options for the long term investor looking for higher returns, the short term investor requiring stable cash flows, and the investor who desires a higher degree of liquidity. Learn more about the 5 securities available.

All CED Co-op securities can be held in registered accounts such as RRSPs or TFSAs set up through the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation.


Ready to become an investor in renewable energy? Become a member, read our Offering Statement, then invest!

To discuss the securities and investment options in greater detail, please contact us.

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