T5 tax forms are now prepared for all CED Co-op investors. Important information about retrieving and reading your form follows.

Registered Securities (RRSP, TFSA)

You will not receive a T5 from CED Co-op for any registered securities you hold.

Retrieving your form

If you have access to the online Member Zone

  1. Log in to CED Co-op Member Zone (www.cedco-op.com/login) using your email and the password you created.
  2. Click on the blue header that reads “Documents (T5s)”
  3. Click on the link for your 2017 T5
  4. Your computer will open your T5 as a PDF that you can save or print

If you do not have access to Member Zone

Members who share an email address or have not signed up for Member Zone will not be able to access their T5 online. Your T5 is being mailed to you this week and should arrive within a few business days.

Reading your T5

Your T5 contains information about the dividend payments and accrued interest for your CED Co-op shares and/or bonds during the 2017 tax year. A simple explanation of the boxes follows.

For detailed information about your tax forms and preparing your tax return, please contact your tax professional. CED Co-op cannot provide tax information or advice.

Box 24 – Actual amount of eligible dividends
The total amount of dividends you were paid this year on your CED Co-op shares

Box 25 – Taxable amount of eligible dividends 
The amount that is claimed for taxes. It is always going to be a higher than box 24 to allow for taxes paid by the corporation (CED Co-op).

Box 26 – Dividend tax credit for eligible dividends 
Tax credit that reduces the amount of tax payable.

Box 13 – Interest from Canadian Sources 
The interest that has accrued on your CED Co-op bonds over the course of the 2017 tax year.


If you have any questions about your T5, or CED Co-op investments in general, please contact us.


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