We have officially launched our third investment opportunity!  CED Co-op plans to raise up to a maximum of $3 million through the sale of Bonds.  Since it is the smallest raise so far, there is a good chance we could sell out of investments before the offering truly closes.  Time is money.  It’s easy to put off investing but since there is a cap on this particular offering, you will want to invest early and beat the rush.

Investors, who prefer liquidity over a long-term investment, can invest for as little as three years and earn 4.5% or five years and earn 5%. We are offering these two self-amortizing bonds to those short and medium term investors who are looking for a consistent annual payment.

Forms can be obtained from our website or you can call 519-279-4045 to speak with our investment relations associate.

One of the best ways to build wealth is to start early. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in line with your values.

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