A Bird’s Eye View Of Solar Trackers

Solar trackers in Blind River

Have you ever walked through a field of solar trackers? It’s exciting to be among the panels, seeing them all move in tandem as they follow the sun’s path across the sky. Everywhere you look sunlight is being converted to clean, green electricity. What’s even more amazing is seeing the same solar system from a […]

Solar System Opening: Salus Marine Wear

Solar Panels on building roof

On Thursday, April 28th, Community Energy Development Co-operative is celebrating the official opening of our solar system at Salus Marine Wear. Salus Marine Wear, a local lifejacket and PFD (Personal Flotation Device) manufacturer, has installed a 160 kW solar system at their headquarters and production plant in Waterloo. Jointly owned between Salus Marine Wear and Community Energy […]

Partnerships Generating Profits

Barns with roof mounted solar panels

Schiedel View Farms is a turkey farm outside of New Hamburg with a new 250kW solar system built in partnership with the farm. It’s a perfect site for solar – the barns have sloped metal roofs which makes installation easy, and they face south so they can take advantage of as much sunlight as possible. […]

Solvation Projects Generating Power

Three major solar projects have started generating power. Solvation-F, Solvation-V, and Solvation-VF are large-scale ground-mounted solar systems located in the town of Blind River, outside of Sudbury. These systems are big! Solvation-F, the smallest of the three, is a 330kW solar system. For comparison, the solar systems you see on houses in your neighbourhood are […]


Solar panels on rooftop

Perfetto The Sudbury area is home to our Solvation trackers in Blind River, but also boasts a rooftop solar installation. Perfetto Manufacturing partnered with us to install this 180kW system. Monitor Site in Real Time

J Oskam

Tilted solar panels on gravel roof

Oskam Welding and Machine is a custom metal fabricator in Guelph, Ontario. In 2017 we installed this 100kW system on their roof. Monitor this project in real time.

Guelph Manufacturing–400 Southgate Drive

Solar panels on manufacturing plant roof top

Guelph Manufacturing–400 Southgate Dr CED Co-op and Guelph Manufacturing (formerly Guelph Tool), a leading manufacturer of metal components through metal forming and stamping, have partnered to add 250kW solar systems to their buildings. Monitor Site in Real Time

Woodlawn Investments

Solar panels on flat roof

Woodlawn Investments One of the Guelph buildings owned and leased by Balnar Management, 367 Woodlawn Road is the first of many to receive a solar system on the roof. This 304 panel 80kW system was installed by Guelph Solar in spring 2016. Monitor Site in Real Time